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1. Identity of the owner of the web

According to the law 34/2002, July 11th, of the Services of Society of Information and E-commerce  we inform you that the owner of this web is  WWW.NUTRIGENOMICSINSTITUTE.COM is INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL (B-98621444)


C/. Luchana, 21, 1º D 28010 Madrid, Spain


2. General conditions of use

The access to this website gives you the condition of User, this implies the acceptance without reserve of the general conditions that are public in WWW.NUTRIGENOMICSINSTITUTE.COM in the moment you access the web.

Therefore the User must read the conditions every time he accesses the website since these conditions can change.

2.1.-Objective and limit of application


The present conditions of use, manage the Access, navigation and use of WWW.NUTRIGENOMICSINSTITUTE.COM and the responsibility derived of the use of the contents, texts, graphics, designs, code, software, photos, music, videos, sounds, data bases, images, information and any other creation protected by the national laws and international treaties on intellectual and industrial property.

2.2.-Conditions of Access and use of services

  1. In every moment, the User can make use of the services of this web, according to the present general conditions and the use generally accepted in Internet.
  2. The user must fill in the forms with true data, exact and complete, responding to damages that could occur in the case of defective use with false data, inaccurate, incomplete or not updated. It is exclusive responsibility of the user the communication of any modification.
  3. The User will not insert any virus, programs, macros that could harm the software of this web, avoid the access of other users through the massive use of the web, steal data from the web for advertising purposes, play, copy, distribute, modify and give the contents of the web to third persons. Besides to take any action that could harm the intellectual property, rights of honor, image and intimacy of third people, actions of unfair competition and illicit advertising.


3. Rights of intellectual property.

INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL is the owner of the intellectual and industrial property of all the elements of WWW.NUTRIGENOMICSINSTITUTE.COM including the brand, name, logos and signs.  All the contents, texts, graphics, designs, code, software, photos, music, videos, sounds, data bases, images, information are protected without limitation by the rights of the authors.

In any case the access to navigate WWW.NUTRIGENOMICSINSTITUTE.COM implies the transmission or license of INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL of the rights of intellectual property  to the User.

The User accepts that play, copy, distribute, modify and give the contents of the web to third persons without authorization of INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA S.L. is an infringement of the rights of intellectual and industrial property.

4. Responsibilities and warranties.

INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL declares that has adopted all the technical and organisation processes that may permit the correct functioning of the website as well as the absence of virus and harmful components, however is not responsible of :a) the availability of contents and services in WWW.NUTRIGENOMICSINSTITUTE.COM; b) the absence of mistakes in the contents or the correction of failures that could occur; c) the absence of virus ro/and harmful components in WWW.NUTRIGENOMICSINSTITUTE.COM ; d) the absolute strength of the security processes; e) the harm that any person could cause to the security systems of WWW.NUTRIGENOMICSINSTITUTE.COM.

The User will be the only one responsible to third persons, of any communication sent to by him to WWW.NUTRIGENOMICSINSTITUTE.COM and of the illegitimate use of the contents and services of this website.


INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL reserves the right to suspend temporarily without previous notice the access to WWW.NUTRIGENOMICSINSTITUTE.COM for maintenance, actualization or improvement. In the case the circumstances permit it, INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL will publish in the website, in advance, a notice informing about the expected date of suspension of the services.

The links to other websites that could be included in WWW.NUTRIGENOMICSINSTITUTE.COM may take you to websites where INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL does not have any responsibility, since we do not control them, so the User will access these websites under its own responsibility.


Is not responsible of the use that the User will do with the contents and services included in its website. Therefore we do not guarantee that the use that the Users will make of the contents and services, will adjust to the present conditions of use.

6. Duration and modification.

INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL reserves the right to modify the present conditions, partially or completely, publishing the changes in WWW.NUTRIGENOMICSINSTITUTE.COM.

Besides the changes could be done without previous notice, so the services and contents could be modified, eliminated or added new ones or even the way they are presented.

Therefore the conditions that rule the website will be the ones applicable to the moment when the User visits this website.

Apart from the particular conditions published in the website INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL, could finish, suspend or interrupt at any time the services without previous notice, the access to the contents of the website and the User will not be capable of ask for any compensation.

7. Applicable Laws and international jurisdiction.

The relations established between INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL and the User will take place according to the applicable laws and jurisdiction. But, in the case where the law provides the possibility of a jurisdiction, INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL and the User will give up the other jurisdiction and will undergo the courts of Bilbao-Spain.





Please read carefully these conditions before using this website. The use of this website means that the user accepts these conditions. In the case you do not agree with the conditions or you have any doubt please do not register or use this website.



The major objective of the website  is to provide information to people about the services of NUTRIGENOMICS INSTITUE and INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA S.L..

INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL accepts the obligations in personal data protection, especially to:

  1. a) The existence of files with personal data.
  2. b) The final objective regarding the data collection.
  3. c) The recipients of the information.
  4. d) The obliged character of the question we can make.
  5. e) The consequences of the data collection or the negative to provide them.
  6. f) La posibilidad de ejercitar los derechos de acceso, rectificación, cancelación y oposición.
  7. g) The identity and address of the responsible of the treatment of the data or of its representative.

It is the will of INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL that the user has adequate information to decide expressly, free and voluntarily. So the user is informed that the data will be collected in an automated file, whose responsible is INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL. The data collected in the forms are necessary and required in order to access the services published in the website. The user must fill in the forms with true data, exact and complete, responding to damages that could occur in the case of defective use with false data, inaccurate, incomplete or not updated.


INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL has the compromise to adopt security levels of data protection required by the current law, installing technic and organization processes necessary to avoid the loss, bad usage, change, non-authorised access and other risks.

INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL is required to keep the secret of the automated files as the current law sets.

The user or its representative could use at any moment the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in accordance with the Organic Law of Data Protection and other laws related, sending a written  communication to the responsible of the files with its name, identity number, to the address   PZA SANTA BARBARA, Nº 6 – 2 IZDA 28004 MADRID (28008-MADRID. Our priority is the security of the data collection related to the user. We take care of the transmission between the user pc to our servers.

Only those employees that need to Access data to do their work have access to these data. Those employees that do not follow the processes will be subject of disciplinary actions.



We inform you that your personal data taken from the forms in our website, as well as your email address, have been incorporated to the file called CUSTOMERS/SUPPLIERS. (CLIENTES/PROVEEDORES) or WEB USERS whose responsible is INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL with the aim of customer attention and  the provision of information about our services.

INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL commits to use these data collected through these forms,  uniquely for this aim mentioned above.

The user accepts to know the destiny and use of these data.

If you wish to exercise the rights of Access, rectification, elimination, oblivion, opposition, limit of data treatment included in the GDPR, can do it sending a written communication to INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL, PZA SANTA BARBARA, Nº 6 – 2 IZDA 28004 MADRID (28008-MADRID) or to the email INFO@NUTRIGENOMICSINSTITUTE.COM.



These data collected, according to the GDPR (UE) 679/2016, in this contract will be included in a file called CUSTOMERS/SUPPLIERS  (CLIENTES/PROVEEDORES) or WEB USERS whose responsible is INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL whose responsible is INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL CIF: B98621444.

These data will be kept in our file during the time of relation. The aim of this data collection is the management of your personal data.

In the case you accept the treatment of the data, you will have to click the checkbox with the purpose of:




In the other case, we will understand that you do not give your consent.

In consequence, you give your consent and authorization to the responsible of data treatment to include them in the file. In the case you do not give your consent, this could affect our relations for example not making possible the above purposes.

The owner of the data is informed about the conditions and the data cessions explained above, and in any case will be able for free to exercise the rights of rights of access, rectification, elimination, oblivion, opposition, limit of data treatment and portability included in the GDPR sending a communication to INSTITUTO NUTRIGENOMICA SL  PZA SANTA BARBARA, Nº 6 – 2 IZDA 28004 MADRID (28008-MADRID), with the subject EXERCISE OF RIGHTS or ask for the forms available.

The user accepts everything explained in this clause.



The user accepts that he has read this document and understood all the notices. In the case you do not agree please do not use this website. We keep the right to modify the present conditions of use if necessary. In this case if the user keeps using this website after the changes, this will mean that the user accepts this modification.


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